Smarter Crowdsourcing is a method that combines rigorous problem definition with crowdsourcing to attract diverse ideas from global experts and rapidly develop those ideas into actionable proposals.

Our Methodology

Problem Identification and Definition

Using our problem definition methodology, we break down a larger issue into actionable, focused problems. Government partners prioritize among problems, selecting the ones to focus on.

Curating Guests and Online Conferences

We organize a two-month open innovation process that combines self-selection with curation to attract a wide range of diverse experts- specifically those with the experience, not just the credentials. Our team moderates two-hour online conferences focused on a different piece of the problem every week. We brief the most innovative and actionable ideas from the conferences and government partners select from them the ones they want to implement.

Putting Ideas into Practice

Following the conferences, our team conducts research and follow-up interviews to translate ideas into executable implementation plans. We cover those areas governments most need to know to successfully implement a solution, such as cost, timeline, metrics and how-to’s.


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